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The Sand Transfer System is an innovative approach to providing access where corridors are lacking for beach and dune nourishment. This system can address erosion issues and stabilize shorelines by conveying beach compatible sand at a rate of 600 tons per hour.

The Sand Transfer System operates in an area no wider than 4 feet and is capable of transferring sand from a length of 50 feet to more than 1,500 feet. The system is 100% mobile allowing Sand Transfer Systems (a division of Eastman Aggregate Enterprises, LLC) to travel to any coastline where beach and/or dune nourishment are needed.

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The STS unloader requires only a 12’ width

The STS turns a 90% angle increasing the work area

The system is suitable for many applications due its design and flexibility. The Sand Transfer System is electrical thereby drastically reducing construction noise. Site restoration to landscaping, sod or irrigation is minimal in comparison to standard construction methods.

Placement of sand with minimal impact to vegetation

Conveyed sand directly into the work area

Sand Transfer Systems (a division of Eastman Aggregate Enterprises, LLC) can proficiently provide accessibility options for your Wetland, Dune or Beach restoration project.

Eroded shoreline prior to sand placement

Completed dune restoration using the Sand Transfer System

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